Friday, May 13, 2016

How to Fix GTA V error code 107

Sorry didn't make it clear for when I had this error because it appears after loading certain mods etc.....(This does not fix if you've installed a mod or messed with game files sorry)

This fix worked for me after I tried everything when I had this error.

Note: I've made this error pop up a few times with installing mods etc so... This error is for straight after retail version installation.

Caused by :
1. put like 7 DVDs in to install.
2.launcher updates like 3gb
3.launcher giving this error.
( Retail version )
( Non steam version )
It may work for steam but haven't tested it.

1. Go to c:/windows/system32

2. Find any .DLL file beginning with D3D
And delete it.
( some .dll's can't be deleted but its OK )

3. Go to "" and locate DIRECTX for you system and download it

4. After DIRECTX has been downloaded your game should now work :-)

5. "Optional" leave a like so others know that this works for you.

Note : If doesn't work ,you can reinstal directX10 or 11, and use play GTAV.exe

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