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Step - Step Install Updates / DLC Naruto Shippuden Storm 4 - If you have already completed the game Naruto 4 CODEX version and you get a DLC update to her, you should back up the save game file from Naruto version Strom 4 Codex

Langkah - Langkah Instal Update/ DLC Naruto Shippuden Strom 4

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because the base game Naruto Codex was limited until the last DLC Gaara's Tale, the order is a bit tricky because the version to save the game changed from CODEX, 3DM, and most recently RELOADED (battery)

Update Your order her to not be overlooked, because they have a sequence of  BASE GAME CODEX --> Update versi 1.03 --> DLC Fix BAT --> Update versi 1.04

to make it easier to display hidden files in the folder option, the way of entry into the (ctrl + E) Windows Explorer,->  Organize, -> Folder and search Options, di tab View, gave a checklist Show Hidden Files, Folders, Drives

1. Backup first save your game (if you installed by default) in C:\Users\User name your computer\AppData\Roaming\Steam\CODEX\349040

2. Furthermore, if it just delete the folder 349040 from folder CODEX

3. Uninstall the game Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 and all the files are updates available

4. Install back base game Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (but not on crack)
"WARNING, DO NOT PLAY GAME LIVE, because it will restore settingan file 349040 on folder CODEX

5. Download dan Install Update NS Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 V1.03 (DO NOT Crack)

6. Download dan Install DLC.Fix.BAT, apply crack towards the directory where you installed Naruto strom 4, If a pop-up warning clicks away "REPLACE" click YES

7. The next play and get in on the game, so make the first save of the game was finished, just EXIT again.

8. Download dan Install Update NS Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 V1.04 BAT (Apply crack to the directory where you installed)

9.If you have any backups of its save game you can override and replace all C:\ProgramData\Steam\RLD!\349040 (Her save directory has changed from CODEX -> 3DM -> RELOADED)

- Update NS Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 V1.03 ( DLC Shikamaru's Tale)
- Update NS Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 V1.04 ( DLC Gaara's Tale)

Change log nya tambahan beberapa Team Moves,

The following combination of several techniques in the last DLC (Shikamaru's Tale & Gaara's Tale)

- Akatsuki Secret Technique (select three members of Akatsuki anywhere)
- Team Guy Moves (Rock Lee, Neji, Tenten)
- Team Kurenai Moves (Hinata, Kiba, Shino)
- Might Guy and Rock Lee, Burning Hot Fierce Tiger Lotus Peacock Attack (Might Guy Great Ninja War do not wear a costume)
- Itachi and Sasuke Twin Thunder Gods
- Boruto & Sarada Team Moves
- Team Moves Boruto & Naruto (Naruto must wear costumes Hokage)
- Naruto and Sasuke Team Moves (his second to be characters from The Last)
- Asuma and Shikamaru Team Moves
- ALL Hokage Moves Secret Technique (choose 3 of 6 Hokage, but it should not sequential like Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen Sarutobi, because it already has its own moves Hidden)
- Hyuga secret moves (Hinata Hyuga, Neji Hyuga, Hyuga Hanabi)
- Naruto and Sasuke New Combination secret technique
- Kakashi and Obito New combination secret tecnhique
- All Jinchūriki moves secret tecnhique (select 3 of 9 jinchuriki existing)

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