Monday, May 9, 2016

How to fix the Black Screen at game Naruto Strom 4

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Naruto Strom 4 is indeed a PC game that has a lot of fans, perhaps because many of the Naruto anime lovers strom 4 this is starting to play version of the game, until the game lovers a true battle. But in this game there are many Naruto strom4 some errors and bugs, as will be discussed outsmart this is Black Screen How to fix error on Naruto game Strom 4. Perhaps you have experienced in the incidence of errors like this are when playing this game suddenly occurred blackscreen when playing the game when the sound of the game is still running. To overcome the error How to fix the Black Screen at game Naruto Strom 4, namely by updating the version 1.4 crack

How to fix the Black Screen at game Naruto Strom 4

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You extract on his game and play

If you are still having black screen check and update your VGA driver yangpaling try the latest drivers and check your VGA specifications.

Try all of them to see which is more stable in your PC. 1.4 usually fixes crashes. If you still have a crash in 1.4, it does not depend on me anymore. It depends on your PC and specifications

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