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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Patch 1.16.61

Tutorial and Sharing Game PC - Patch 1.16.61

Amendment and your will be disabled automatically. Please be sure to replace it safe by the Creator before enabling adjustment again. Please also backup your save games. Please also read this article carefully: in Prepartion for the restoration of

hello everyone,

just a smallish correction today. Festival next Easter Egg hunt and grow the fruit that has already been announced, and we got a few of the reforms, nothing dramatic but not limited to know to make people happy.

and the biggest of everything going on originally number. Those who have been beaten before, I know what I'm talking about. I have also addressed the issue with any high speed when sleeping in tents and Sims did not finish reading the book has also been eating

problem that can be withdrawn only one item at the time of stock to stock. - Who know that this only happens if you have a dip in the outdoor installation.

Apart from that there are a couple Mo and some of the whims of the daily task and reforms. Nothing spectacular, but I'm glad they fixed it.

big issues I'm missing is to sit down when cleaning and other issues for a long time, such as breaking the beloved theme. I hope it's also tweaked as well as the execution of (my family tree in a state of chaos and I'm very disappointed every time you look at it) and other performance issues. This is to find out though

detail as always below


Source: EA

greetings raging, 19459003 ]

How is everything?

we have a small piece of something here in this version ... I know, and read your responses to this announcement, there are some questions. So, let me see if I can give you some information.

First, let's talk about the new stuff. It's spring, and there Spring Challenge!

Yasmin holiday, we have a new challenge coordinator, is waiting for you in the oasis springs and Willow Creek parks. She said she was looking forward to your help in collecting growfruit ... turns out she needs a lot more.

brought her 20 growfruit and she will give you a new planter. Brings her growfruit perfect, she will give you the Dazzled planter. Jasmine also has a limited amount of super compost that it is willing to share with you to help you grow, which growfruit perfection.

've also added back the egg challenge last year. Now with two new eggs are added to the mix. Every 12 from all over the world gather to open a stuffed rabbit

  • for those who unlocked bunny last year - stuffed! It's still there along with the bunny New Look added to the options for color

Ok, so some of the questions that may come to mind (or did not get already asked), and I can help address here .

  • Yasmin will remain after this challenge?
    • Jasmine is just around the challenge, she coordinated the challenge we have, which is very busy.
  • Will she be back?
    • I'm glad you asked this ...

other questions that may come ...

  • What about eggs, and growfruit, they stay around?
    • we will not you have found are removed anything, but like last time, will not be scattered around the eggs to be able to find them.
    • growfruit and continues to grow on your tree, can be grown and harvested ... but with Yasmin departing, you will not be able to buy new seeds.

We also have some issues that we addressed.

general issues
  • many exhibition, which was razed will not maintain bulldozed by the "original by "when information is uploaded to the gallery.
  • extensions gallery that uses custom thumbnail will now be marked as custom content.
  • Sims and now you finish reading the book!
  • by Mo moove wall objects that have a high "preferred" (wall shelves of books, mirrors) for, they will not re-position when picking them up from the position of the new MO.
    • ok ... How many of you read as a "new Mo poo sition"?
  • Mooving room that has moo'd things within them, not incorrectly reset or anywhere in the inventory, transfer moo'd objects.
  • "Using machine Cupcake (of doom *) will count now toward the daily requirement for the preparation of food in the culinary profession (of doom *).
    • * References DOOM is to experience only improved reading, but do not exist in the game. no one has Forex Salim was last edited. AA batteries sold separately. batteries, but is not required to experience reading the text, but if you read on the old hand device felt that actually runs on AA batteries. in this case, apologized for the "old signal . "
  • ownership activity agenda, in regards to the completion of" Do you have another table, "an ambitious goal for an ambitious technical miracle, no longer fail if signed property before or after the existence of the goals.
  • "implementation of the routine in space" and now count correctly towards the "implementation of three comedy routines," an ambitious goal for a joke guise of ambition.
    • ... pigs in space ...
      • for no reason However, to date myself ...
  • and fancy "Send text happy" now complete and correctly if the reaction starts from the phone menu.
  • become friends with the brothers (who are of the age of the child) and now followed correctly against the goal, "became friends with three other children" of socialism butterfly ambition.
decline in outdoor
  • Super Ultra or ( fanatics, frantic, weird, radical, funny, ....) ... exciting speed of ridicule (also known as high-speed) should now work correctly when Sims sleep or nap in the tent.
  • pull the pile of inventory items from one to another Sim, should now drag properly stack.
    • exciting data interesting point ... knowing that the withdrawal of stock Sims is one of the countless handsome else was possible in the game The Sims 4 - less than 0.5% of the players
day Spa
  • after a small debate, yoga emerged victorious - and Mat yoga now charges as a piece of workout equipment when trying to complete a bodybuilder ambition.
    • On a side note unrelated, that the original architect would like to know the number of a good chiropractor bones.
  • must not appear if there is no fire near the "light on the stove" whim.
  • fancy "dance music on the stereo," will now complete properly if dances and handsome to music from the DJ booth.

I hope you enjoy the game and go out,


Patch 1.16.61 Tutorial and Sharing Game PC - Patch 1.16.61

Monday, April 4, 2016

Patch 1.13.106

Tutorial and Sharing Game PC - Patch 1.13.106

Please also backup your save games. Please also read this article carefully: in Prepartion for the restoration of

a new patch, new luck. Small but important. You will not be modified to disable the private and this time this is only a small piece. Please be sure to check your Ministry of Defence anyway.

I really hope this helps to bug the toilet / shower. It should music be customized back and the video is no longer black .. and hash ..


Source: EA

O raging [19459003!]

this is SimGuruGnome on the issue of warheads Express and Iâ € ™ m writinâ € ™ to whoeverâ € ™ s readinâ € ™.

Italian € ™ s like I said, a public relations representative of the past, and I say â € œSimGuruDrake, and I did not write more than I can read. In addition, Italy € ™ everything in spellchecker.â € ??

, but just listen to the number of warheads Express and take Gnomeâ € ™ s advice. When wandering around some wild-eyed handsome before, knocks on your front door and asks you to â € œSul Seoul, plerg Majah bliff? â € ?? I just stare out again in the eye and remember what Gnome always says.

â € œPlerg Majah bliff? Neeshga, VOO oonapa oonsoshâ € € | â ??

So, what have we done?
  • I've dealt with a few specific issues, 64-bit computer that was quickly identified by the community.
    • Video will not be empty when played back on some video players.
    • Sims flicker is no longer in the dim light.
  • tell sim to use the toilet will not cancel the other measures already in its wait list.
  • has been observed that we have taken Sims woohoo for a little more often than was the norm. Perhaps one of the winter months, and perhaps it is the advent of Springâ € | Perhaps Italy € |
    • Yeaâ € | Italy € ™ s too much. Woohoo allows independent, but we were able to reduce the frequency with which Sims choice, and increased restrictions on â € œwhy just allows them ?? €, generally Sims HO seeking ways less wooful asked.
  • Description hash (#hashtag) in the gallery and again can be clicked on.
    • As a result, hash moving again in the exhibition.
  • also identified a problem with the play MP3 music on demand that was causing some of the MP3 files to be recognized.
  • Club Wear and now works better with a custom content.

Thanks again for listeninâ € ™ to the number of warheads Express, take this advice in a stormy night, when the collector € ™ s playinâ € ™, and musician € ™ s roarinâ € ™, and dataâ € ™ s downloadinâ € ™ in the thick paper like a bunch of flow and green numbers and letters, and symbols ( because thatâ € ™ s what seems like a pattern ). Remember what SimGuruGnome old neighborhood when he shakes with life, abductions come from the sky, and the pillars of the Gotha € ™ s earthquake real estate. Yes, SimGuruGnome just looks that big old storm right square in the eye and says, â € œGimme best ob-la-di pal. Up-not- DAA € |? -ob Not- da.â € ??

Until next time,


Patch 1.13.106 Tutorial and Sharing Game PC - Patch 1.13.106

Friday, April 1, 2016

Correction 1:14:49

Tutorial and Sharing Game PC - Correction 1:14:49

Amendment and your will be disabled automatically. Please be sure to replace it safe by the Creator before enabling adjustment again. Please also backup your save games. Please also read this article carefully: in Prepartion for the restoration of

master of this patch and the purpose is to prepare the game for a movie night Stuff pack to come on Tuesday. There are also a few new things, such as reactions to the battles and improper conduct in other houses Sims (I thought that was a bug, but oh well), as well as a small number of reforms. . Nothing great in spite of


Source: EA

happy new year for new simmers,

our short and the launch of this sweet alright 7 the from January, such as New year's Eve Beck - just a quick welcome to 2016

Around the corner, I hear Sims and prepare popcorn for a movie of their relaxations (just remember, if the bunny in the forest is too much, just call on children to fight the Super undead Dance).

However this warning of the way, we have a little bit of new ...
  • We have to amend the way Sims that respond to those who act inappropriately in the homes of their neighbors. Beware, because you may find a handsome asked to leave the country if they get out of line.
  • We also amended Sims behavior in the event of a fight.
    • Friends may cheer you up, but your enemies may cheer when you're down.
  • There are 8 new decorations to decorate the walls of your home decor! (Well, okay, you do not decorate the decor, they are added to the decor ... I really just wanted to ignore the conventions of grammar and writing what I wanted to write. There are ... and I'll admit it, ignoring grammar!)
    • movie posters because she amber!, stay the strangest, love cow factory, the policeman and llamas, and misconduct, epic wood, Seoul, Seoul, and still life, everything is now available in the construction catalog.
... and took a couple of issues ...
  • will not become a repair service is not available if the player active families keys while the repairs service in progress.
  • repair service is no longer available are not many retail service.
    • is now not available, and it was not fixed. Thus, the service now do not charge you for the lack of reform, when he tried to be a repair service, repair your service.
  • We fixed a problem that can result when connecting or re-connecting to the Internet, the misalignment interface in my library for the exhibition tab.
  • Basically, the elements of the interface does not redraw properly, and was intertwined in ways that made parts of the interface can not be accessed.
    • and in-ACC-sess-ible is so much more fun to say when the tone of each section.
  • have addressed the issue may allow users to modify many existing and loaded as their own.
    • without going into too much detail, by way of saving, deleting, and re-loaded, it was possible for his number to be â € € œlostâ ?? Thus allowing the owner to modify occur.
  • Sims can now chat with children playing in the jungle gym without road failure.
    • ... of course I thought it was the whole purpose of the park to let your kids run free, while peace is found in nature-inspired haven of silence ...
      • Dad?
    • Hana, Golden Silence ...
      • DAD !!!
    • Silence!
      • DAD?
      • Why?
      • Noah-nothing.
  • Fixed the issue with a DJ booth that can perform the work of the upgrade failed to do, but still deduct portions of stock Sims. "

I hope you have a pleasant December, I wish you joy and we are moving at the beginning of this new year.


Correction 1:14:49 Tutorial and Sharing Game PC - Correction 1:14:49

Friday, March 25, 2016

Correction 1:15:55

Tutorial and Sharing Game PC - Correction 1:15:55

Amendment and your will be disabled automatically. Please be sure to replace it safe by the Creator before enabling adjustment again. Please also backup your save games. Please also read this article carefully: in Prepartion for the restoration of

Said 16 Sims Christmas holiday for all. Today correction nice. Very happy about it. It reads like going through my compiled list and check stuff.

this patch he prepares for the game Romantic Garden Stuff Pack , which will come on Tuesday.

next to that there are some other new things, such as a new feature, and the new ambition and a gardener! Almost wants me want to move back to my old house, which was a huge garden.

There are also some important issues that face like a bug spicy food, get a handsome evicted from their home for inappropriate behavior, reset homework, shower bug and food in your store get cleaned and were finally eating Moodlet bug youth - next beloved feature, Maxis

error 533 is hope for the best powder, I hope everyone? Which was suffering from, you can now play again. If not, let me know at AHQ. I also wish that the positive reports, of course, the value of ..

detail as always below


Source: EA

Said 16 twentieth anniversary!

Yes, 16 years in February (4) ten! Amazing! We have a small number of recoil to celebrate 16 years of The Sims!

rebound memories

from the early days ... when you're surprised Sims did not burn to death just pour a bowl chips, we offer you the memories of those difficult times with tragic clown drawing!

  • a "new" old friend can be found immortalized in print in the catalog construction. And the search for the clown's tragic, and you will come across the likeness of "clown OL. Printing him offering that may put you in a sad mood, but as you meditate in the deepest of animals, meaning a balloon, red bulbous noses, and fires tragic kitchen.

... as we move forward, looking at the second iteration of the Sims, you will find ambition grilled cheese!

  • you can open this ambition through the grilled cheese eating ... or three.
  • Once you have ambition, you 'opening LP feature melt Master, where you will learn:
    • to paint grilled cheese on the stand
    • summon grilled cheese sandwiches with but thought
    • and the opening of the ability to evangelize about grilled cheese sandwiches ... because the cheese!

... In the third installment, we offer you, embezzlement feature!

  • is now available as an adjective choose to create in the handsome
  • skill your hurt and will guide your ability to criticize various objects, but be careful to do it alone ...
  • if you do not end up feeling guilty for I do take this value whaty one thingo from your neighbor, you can always return ... or sell it.
    • "What do whaty one thingo" were you referring to? "
In addition to the memories of our Rose ...

you can now hire a gardener from the rental service option in the phone menu.

  • If you have some garden plants that need tending, you can hire a gardener to a one-time "help me" or Kkhaddmhalorteuraaadhthdt
  • so get out there and buy a bowl of Agriculture, giving up some seeds, and eat the fruits of their
  • there are also two new socials available on the gardener: ask for advice gardens and discuss gardening techniques

there is a new 16 the print the anniversary found in construction mode. the search for "Let there be Plumbobs!", and you'll find this publication a high gloss in '15 plumbobs staring right back at you!

  • ... 16 the ... it's there ... I think if you close your eyes you can probably sense it and there ... and there is not felt since ...
    • and after it just kind of drifting away. I mean, he was in mid-sentence, and then just stop and walk away. Why he was talking to himself to begin with? I know it's a classic ... but I always thought that part was strange ...

also Twitter! Footage from the share, upload photographs and achievements directly to Twitter.

it has also improved your ability to find content candidate chick.

  • Now you can easily determine the chick content created in a handsome building and the situation with some of the icons in handy and we have added!
  • has made it easy to separate the chick from Maxis content with a new filter available in both modes.

Oh yeah, almost forgot - we would have liked items bluff too much not to give them too! You can now find the Boneyard, buyer beware, and Stoar the bearded crook in construction put door.

, but we can not be all things new, and not without clean up some old things. So what I wanted to do to the elderly?

issues addressed

general issues
  • Sims was invited to spend the night will not spend the night standing on the lack of sleep. It will now behave in a way makes sense to someone who had asked him to spend the night.
    • will sleep. It's a bit strange and unusual ... but we figured, let's give it a go. See what happens.
  • We fixed a problem with the candidate activities and skills in construction put that prevented gold "something new" Highlight of the same disinfect properly.
  • and Sims no longer choose independently to drink potions or herbal drinks.
  • boards wedding cake will no longer disappear through interaction wedding cake share.
  • We fixed an issue that was causing Sims's reaction as if it were the most spicy food.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in some floor tiles not rotate along with a lot when rotated.
  • Sims should no longer find themselves unable to get out of the hot tub after woohooing independently.
  • playing with a piece of clay and now meet the true "to play with three games," the ambitious goal to aspire technical miracle.
  • we dealt with an issue that could result in the player receiving 533 error code when trying to save the game.
    • Thank you to our players who have sent us your save files, because they helped us a lot, and we were able to identify the problem and address this issue.
    • players who received error code 42, just know that you have the solution.
  • piracy notifications are now handled correctly handsome, not a player ...
    • you are there! Get outta my code ...
  • We have added an option in audio options called "match stereo music speed"
    • when I checked in, the music game stereo will play in the same Speed ​​of the game.
    • when you select Stop, in the music game stereo always play at normal speed, regardless of the speed of the game.
    • when determining the checkered, black goes first.
    • when determining plaid, check the status of vanilla.
    • when he won, and hit the cue ball with stroke medium at the center, to the top and stopped dead after the ball hit the object.
  • may now properly be found Galleon Princess Cordelia bed under a sort of Queen Anne style.
  • Fixed an issue that could change the size of handsome faces plates inventory beyond the minimum restrictions, which can lead to be unusable.
  • Fixed an issue during the move in a new family, which may cause the flow of the dialogue in "moving the family" to reappear and prevent the user from taking any further action.
  • Sims carving pumpkins or work on the carpenter's bench will not ignore the Sims who die near them.
    • Sims near death pumpkin carving or carpentry station will be also share their memories in the face of Carver uncaring.
  • children would not send text messages to your congratulatory Sims on their marriage, participation, or pregnancy ...
    • "Hey mom, we have not yet fulfilled. How are you doing? I just wanted to say congratulations on the pregnancy. I talk to you later. "
    • " my what ?! "
  • Sims, who sabotage their own property will not be kicked out of the house for Using the last of them a handsome family.
  • servants will not try to put away toys or books if there is not a game box or bookcase on a lot.
  • Sims no longer cancel immediately shower or bath, and if there is a baby in any location on a lot.
  • Sims with jealous feature will not send congratulations on your engagement / marriage ex'es their messages.
  • item titles, descriptions, and operator of vital information can now copy / paste inside the exhibition.

Sims near the child who finishes reading or doing their homework and re no longer incorrectly.

get to work
  • paint by reference will not exceed your ability to take pictures Photographs of various sizes and orientations.
  • and "Bizoleons neon straight" perk business sign can now be emotional aura disabled.
  • Food Group for sale on the lot Retail was being cleaned incorrectly by the middle of the night cleaning services in some circumstances ... and that must not be longer happen.
get togther
  • and fixed Brickwall birck texture variables to dupe no longer incorrectly background variables up Bricking.
  • gatherings club will not start independently on the active home a lot Sims.
  • children's clothing at the club will no longer "distortion" in old age from child to teenager ...
    • their behavior when they become adolescents, but it is completely out of our hands.
decline in outdoor
  • and rejuvenated! Orange got the camping must no longer keep coming back indefinitely. Now once you have finished, you'll have to go camping again to feel rejuvenated!
movie hangout stuff
  • cuddle while watching the film was not lining up for both Sims ... and should now correctly appear in the queue for both Sims.
  • popcorn does not already meet the rule of a club to eat and should now icon indicates such show
  • clean popper popcorn does not even satisfy the base club to clean up, and now you must code indicates as such shows.
  • read the release notes do not meet the reality you need to know, and now you have been informed properly.

happy anniversary, happy Simming, happy, happy, joy, something ... Thank you for everything!


Correction 1:15:55 Tutorial and Sharing Game PC - Correction 1:15:55


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