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Correction 1:14:49

Tutorial and Sharing Game PC - Correction 1:14:49

Amendment and your will be disabled automatically. Please be sure to replace it safe by the Creator before enabling adjustment again. Please also backup your save games. Please also read this article carefully: in Prepartion for the restoration of

master of this patch and the purpose is to prepare the game for a movie night Stuff pack to come on Tuesday. There are also a few new things, such as reactions to the battles and improper conduct in other houses Sims (I thought that was a bug, but oh well), as well as a small number of reforms. . Nothing great in spite of


Source: EA

happy new year for new simmers,

our short and the launch of this sweet alright 7 the from January, such as New year's Eve Beck - just a quick welcome to 2016

Around the corner, I hear Sims and prepare popcorn for a movie of their relaxations (just remember, if the bunny in the forest is too much, just call on children to fight the Super undead Dance).

However this warning of the way, we have a little bit of new ...
  • We have to amend the way Sims that respond to those who act inappropriately in the homes of their neighbors. Beware, because you may find a handsome asked to leave the country if they get out of line.
  • We also amended Sims behavior in the event of a fight.
    • Friends may cheer you up, but your enemies may cheer when you're down.
  • There are 8 new decorations to decorate the walls of your home decor! (Well, okay, you do not decorate the decor, they are added to the decor ... I really just wanted to ignore the conventions of grammar and writing what I wanted to write. There are ... and I'll admit it, ignoring grammar!)
    • movie posters because she amber!, stay the strangest, love cow factory, the policeman and llamas, and misconduct, epic wood, Seoul, Seoul, and still life, everything is now available in the construction catalog.
... and took a couple of issues ...
  • will not become a repair service is not available if the player active families keys while the repairs service in progress.
  • repair service is no longer available are not many retail service.
    • is now not available, and it was not fixed. Thus, the service now do not charge you for the lack of reform, when he tried to be a repair service, repair your service.
  • We fixed a problem that can result when connecting or re-connecting to the Internet, the misalignment interface in my library for the exhibition tab.
  • Basically, the elements of the interface does not redraw properly, and was intertwined in ways that made parts of the interface can not be accessed.
    • and in-ACC-sess-ible is so much more fun to say when the tone of each section.
  • have addressed the issue may allow users to modify many existing and loaded as their own.
    • without going into too much detail, by way of saving, deleting, and re-loaded, it was possible for his number to be â € € œlostâ ?? Thus allowing the owner to modify occur.
  • Sims can now chat with children playing in the jungle gym without road failure.
    • ... of course I thought it was the whole purpose of the park to let your kids run free, while peace is found in nature-inspired haven of silence ...
      • Dad?
    • Hana, Golden Silence ...
      • DAD !!!
    • Silence!
      • DAD?
      • Why?
      • Noah-nothing.
  • Fixed the issue with a DJ booth that can perform the work of the upgrade failed to do, but still deduct portions of stock Sims. "

I hope you have a pleasant December, I wish you joy and we are moving at the beginning of this new year.


Correction 1:14:49 Tutorial and Sharing Game PC - Correction 1:14:49

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