Monday, April 4, 2016

Patch 1.13.106

Tutorial and Sharing Game PC - Patch 1.13.106

Please also backup your save games. Please also read this article carefully: in Prepartion for the restoration of

a new patch, new luck. Small but important. You will not be modified to disable the private and this time this is only a small piece. Please be sure to check your Ministry of Defence anyway.

I really hope this helps to bug the toilet / shower. It should music be customized back and the video is no longer black .. and hash ..


Source: EA

O raging [19459003!]

this is SimGuruGnome on the issue of warheads Express and Iâ € ™ m writinâ € ™ to whoeverâ € ™ s readinâ € ™.

Italian € ™ s like I said, a public relations representative of the past, and I say â € œSimGuruDrake, and I did not write more than I can read. In addition, Italy € ™ everything in spellchecker.â € ??

, but just listen to the number of warheads Express and take Gnomeâ € ™ s advice. When wandering around some wild-eyed handsome before, knocks on your front door and asks you to â € œSul Seoul, plerg Majah bliff? â € ?? I just stare out again in the eye and remember what Gnome always says.

â € œPlerg Majah bliff? Neeshga, VOO oonapa oonsoshâ € € | â ??

So, what have we done?
  • I've dealt with a few specific issues, 64-bit computer that was quickly identified by the community.
    • Video will not be empty when played back on some video players.
    • Sims flicker is no longer in the dim light.
  • tell sim to use the toilet will not cancel the other measures already in its wait list.
  • has been observed that we have taken Sims woohoo for a little more often than was the norm. Perhaps one of the winter months, and perhaps it is the advent of Springâ € | Perhaps Italy € |
    • Yeaâ € | Italy € ™ s too much. Woohoo allows independent, but we were able to reduce the frequency with which Sims choice, and increased restrictions on â € œwhy just allows them ?? €, generally Sims HO seeking ways less wooful asked.
  • Description hash (#hashtag) in the gallery and again can be clicked on.
    • As a result, hash moving again in the exhibition.
  • also identified a problem with the play MP3 music on demand that was causing some of the MP3 files to be recognized.
  • Club Wear and now works better with a custom content.

Thanks again for listeninâ € ™ to the number of warheads Express, take this advice in a stormy night, when the collector € ™ s playinâ € ™, and musician € ™ s roarinâ € ™, and dataâ € ™ s downloadinâ € ™ in the thick paper like a bunch of flow and green numbers and letters, and symbols ( because thatâ € ™ s what seems like a pattern ). Remember what SimGuruGnome old neighborhood when he shakes with life, abductions come from the sky, and the pillars of the Gotha € ™ s earthquake real estate. Yes, SimGuruGnome just looks that big old storm right square in the eye and says, â € œGimme best ob-la-di pal. Up-not- DAA € |? -ob Not- da.â € ??

Until next time,


Patch 1.13.106 Tutorial and Sharing Game PC - Patch 1.13.106

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