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Top 10 steam machines to play computer games on the TV screen

Sharing Game PC Tutorial - Top 10 steam machines to play computer games on the TV screen

and there was a large increase in the use of plates Steam keys for the number of games. Although this is the unity of the lesser-known gaming console, there is a clear growth in the number of players who use these machines. For a unique gaming scenario of its kind experience, and you need the best steam machines. Here is a list of the best 10 steam machines on the market today.

steam machine from Alienware

with a huge repertoire of more than 1,000 games, and the steam machine Alienware is a big deal, given the purchase price of about $ 449. All games have HD Resolution 1080 to ensure a great viewing on your TV. The high-performance NVIDIA GeForce GPU and graphics processors 2GB GDDR5. Throw in Intel Core processor and you have a device that will give you a great immersive gaming environment.

The Alienware Steam Machine

system does not come with the unit steam and one controller, so you have to buy these separately, but at the price offered, it is similar to other consoles like the Xbox or PlayStation Station. One can not say whether the NVIDIA graphics card or Intel processor within the worth the price, since it does not specify any them. One can say that the consoles are comparable with PlayStation4 or Xbox one.

square has a great design and proudly displays the Alienware logo on the side. Found steamed logo in the bottom corner. The black color of the unit unobtrusive allowing you to focus more on the game.

ZOTAC Steam Machine SN970

This device comes with a vapor control that lets you access all the games available in the library, a huge steam units. Powerful machine has NVIDIA graphics card, which is great given the huge number of games available. Dark design unit, making it great for your living room. It has a small size and oversized logo at the top, which allows you to flaunt it for all to see. Do not put anything on top of the console.

Zotac Steam Machine SN970

this console is very pricey, but you have to consider that it comes with a vapor control. It also has 4 HDMI outputs, and ensure that you can play games on multiple screens. The ability to play multi-screen is what most of the players value, so the price is justified. Graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce 970M, which is bound to play a long time before they can be upgraded.

SYBER steam machine

This is the machine that is described as crafted by players, for players. Use of stem client valve, one can buy any game is available for steam with ease. Priced at $ 499, it is quite a bit of fishing. Are easily customizable allowing gamers to go and buy a hardware shop and do the changes to its configuration quite easily. If it is the first time you try to customize the game console, then you should be extremely careful, so as not to put the wrecking ball through the game and the new unit.

Syber Steam Machine

Scan 3XS ST steam machine

This is the console that is bound to give the living room the ultimate experience when playing games Computer. A standard box, and comes at a price of $ 999.99. A very steep price, but the console is also fully customizable, allowing you to add a lot of devices you can. This means that you pay dearly for it that it can be right in the allocation of units as you desire.

Scan 3XS ST Steam Machine

Replica Omega steam machine

One can say that this is the most powerful and advanced steam machine in the world. It is completely customizable, and has the support of up to a maximum 3-WAY SLI, and professional clocking. The device is also completely upgraded.

Origin Omega Steam Machine

This is a machine developed by the company that created a large following among PC gamers. You actually get more than you pay for. The device has at a price of $ 899.99. You can use up to three graphics cards from NVIDIA SLI. It also comes with a dual-boot system, which is wonderful. This means that you can run Windows and steam at the same time, allowing you to play the steam machines, games and Windows games without having to restart the system. You have up to 14TB of storage. This translates to a huge library of games that you can play.

Materiel.Net steam machine

after 13 years of outstanding performance in computer games, Materiel.Net had come with a large unit, which met the high expectations of the technology geeks and games As a whole. The developer says that they were aiming for the unity that will be attractive, as well as easy to use. It also had to be robust and scalable. This translated the best unit for your living room. The price is surprisingly affordable clocking in at $ 899.99.

Materiel.Net Steam Machine

PC gamers determine the design and the design of the shuttle, which means they are small. It contains i5 processor and Intel and NVIDIA GTX 960 graphics card. The beauty of the design is that you can still raise the level of the penalty area, and add more storage, even if it came in a situation that is similar to most consoles other game on the market. Since small design, there is a small space inside, so you have to be very careful when you are upgrading hardware.

drifting steam machine

This is the computer unit of MainGear control and is one of the most customizable, keyboards small game available; it is designed specifically for the games in the living room. It comes with some of the most advanced hardware available, making it comparable to a desktop computer powerful. They come in a very high price, $ 999.99, but then again, you pay for the authority to raise the level of the console as you wish. Sometimes, you may find one with a little strong specifications, this will cost a bit more than the standard configuration. Formation a little expensive sports liquid cooling system closed loop, which may be the reason for the high prices.

Drift Steam Machine

GB Brix Pro Steam Machine

This can be described as a small computer naked, but that does not mean it is not strong. It comes with a high-performance Intel i7 processor, which is the best to use resource-intensive, such as video editing and graphic design. It is only at the price of 599.99 and Sports Iris Pro 5200 graphics, which enables the unit to deal with high-resolution graphics card. It is small enough to be placed behind a TV or monitor, and comes with performance comparable to the largest Xbox one.

Gigabyte Brix Pro Steam Machine

this console comes with a set that enables you to tweak it as you wish. It also has a Wi-Fi card PCle to use Wi-Fi. You can also get the parts shipped to you, and you can assemble a box to yourself; talk about full customization.

Digital Storm Eclipse steam machine

This is a device that has a small footprint, but can compete against the largest office equipment. Now you can be the king of computer games since the unit supports any desktop Intel processor and better graphics cards available. It has the largest design compared with the ASUS ROG, but has the same price. One can confuse the computer to be normal desktop. I was able to customize it to your own specifications and this is the reason why not to mention the internal details of parts exactly when you get it. The machine comes with a price of $ 699.99, this is completely unfair because of their ability to customize. Other keyboards strongly charge for this feature.

Digital Storm Eclipse Steam Machine

ASUS ROG GR8S steam machine

This is a unit that has designed invested heavily in technology ROG. Is the computer which gives you the performance you need for this game are excellent games. Casing design makes it the ideal price to put in your living room. It allows you to use it on your HDTV so you can best games ever experience. It comes with a price of $ 699.99 and can be compared to Xbox One or PS4. If you appreciate the value of keyboards ASUS ROG within the community of computer games, and they have done well to come up with a steam machine.

ASUS ROG GR8S Steam Machine

information provided states that the device comes with i5 and i7 and or Intel processor and NVIDIA graphics card. The card is actually a series GeForce 9. It also comes in the unit with Ethernet inbuilt ability to Wi-Fi allows you to play online games. You can upgrade your storage space, as well as any other feature. It has a great design, which makes it stand out and add to the aesthetics of your living room.

These are some of the best available steam machines, and you can compare them before you make your decision to buy one. Remember, you do not have to pay more for the ability to complete your console allocation. This is quite a plus in the gaming world, because it brings a unique air of its kind to the unity of all the individual players.

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Top 10 steam machines to play computer games on the TV screen Sharing Game PC Tutorial - Top 10 steam machines to play computer games on the TV screen

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