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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cara bermain Multi Player Online Game Bajakan Company Heroes 2

Cara bermain Multi Player Online Game Bajakan Company Heroes 2

Cara bermain Multi Player Online Game Bajakan Company Heroes 2

Berikut tutorialnya yang saya ambil dari forum luar, bagi pengguna game bajakan jangan bersedih tidak bisa bermain secara online, karena game bajakan sudah memiliki game server sendiri sehingga bisa bermain secara multiplayer.


IMPORTANT: Create a new Steam Account with a new Email address!
  1. Install Company of Heroes 2
  2. Download and Install Update
  3. Download the latest MP-Fix and extract it to your Game Installfolder
  4. Download and Install Steam Client
  5. (Optional) Download latest GreenLuma and extract it to your Steam InstallFolder
  6. Join the Company of Heroes 2 Network
  7. Start Steam or Greenluma and Login
  8. (Optional) Join the Steam Community Group
  9. Start the Game with RelicCoH2.exe (As Administrator)
  10. Go to Online & Skirmish -> Custom Game and Invite friends
  11. Have Fun

Meliorate Concept

Unspecialised NOTES
You dont make xp with this Fix, only badges. This may exchange in the proximo
Your Denomination is your Steam-Account Name
Communication is set in steam_api.ini (+ locale.ini)
With the MP-Fix you transfer your Gamy to Collectors Edition (all 26 DLCc unlocked!) but if you amount with CE object, you present get Variant missmatch with players. So as for copulate, advisable do not use them.
If you poverty to enable friendlist, get one of the meg unrestricted Dota2 invites and pay the key in steam

From :
Baca juga : Cara mengganti bahasa Rusia menjadi English pada Game Company Heroes 2

Cara mengganti bahasa Rusia menjadi English pada Game Company Heroes 2

Cara mengganti bahasa Rusia menjadi English pada Game Company Heroes 2
Mungkin bagi para gamers yang mendownload gamenya sendiri, bisa saja mengalami masalah pada saat game yang diinstal berbahasa aneh atau rusia, pasti kecewa karena sudah menunggu sangat lama dan memakan biaya yang banyak untuk membeli kuota internet. Disini saya kan memberikan tutorial Video mengenai Cara mengganti bahasa Rusia menjadi English pada Game Company Heroes 2:

Simak video berikut Ikuti Langkahnya dengan benar :


Cara untuk mengatasi "cyxubeqe.dll is missing" pada Company Heroes 2

Cara untuk mengatasi "cyxubeqe.dll is missing" pada Company Heroes 2

 Cara untuk mengatasi "cyxubeqe.dll is missing" pada Company Heroes 2 ( Download Filenya Di bawah )

What Is Cyxubeqe.dll?

Cyxubeqe.dll is a identify of DLL file related with Visitor Of Heroes 2 mature by SEGA ENTERPRISES, Ltd. for the Windows Operating Grouping. The current illustrious variant of Cyxubeqe.dll is, which was produced for Windows 7. This DLL enter carries a popularity assessment of 1 stars and a surety rating of "Unfamiliar".

What Are DLL Files?

DLL ("renascent attach assemblage") files specified as cyxubeqe.dll are miniature programs, correspondent to EXE ("viable") files, which afford septuple software programs to percentage the corresponding functionality (eg. printing).
For representative, let's say you are squirting Windows 7 and editing a document in Microsoft Statement. The DLL enter that controls writing does not require to weight unless it's answer is needed - eg. you adjudicate to pic your document. When you select "Create", Microsoft Promise calls the printer DLL line, and it is unexploded into retentiveness (RAM) at that moment. If you need to indicant a papers in added information, Adobe Acrobat for information, that aforesaid printer DLL record instrument be utilised as well.

Why Do I Make DLL Errors?

Because they are distributed files, DLL files live external of the software programme itself. Although this provides numerous benefits for software developers, this surcease also provides an chance for problems to become.
Quite but, if Windows cannot decently onus your cyxubeqe.dll file, you instrument joining an fault content. Gratify see "Causes of cyxubeqe.dll Errors" below for more content.
When Do DLL Errors Become?
DLL errors, specified as those associated with cyxubeqe.dll, most oft become during machine start, package startup, or time disagreeable to use a particularized purpose in your performance (eg. writing).

Common Cyxubeqe.dll Error Messages

The most common cyxubeqe.dll errors that can appear on a Windows-based computer are:
"Cyxubeqe.dll not found."
"The file cyxubeqe.dll is missing."
"Cyxubeqe.dll Access Violation."
"Cannot register cyxubeqe.dll."
"Cannot find F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes 2\cyxubeqe.dll."
"Cannot start Company Of Heroes 2. A required component is missing: cyxubeqe.dll. Please install Company Of Heroes 2 again."
"This application failed to start because cyxubeqe.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

These DLL error messages can appear during program installation, while a cyxubeqe.dll-related software program (eg. Company Of Heroes 2) is running, during Windows startup or shutdown, or even during the installation of the Windows operating system. Keeping track of when and where your cyxubeqe.dll error occurs is a critical piece of information in troubleshooting the problem.

Causes of Cyxubeqe.dll Errors

Most cyxubeqe.dll errors are incidental to absent or praetorian cyxubeqe.dll files. Because cyxubeqe.dll is an foreign line, it presents a extraordinary possibility for something unwanted to occur.
Improperly move consume your PC or deed a virus transmission could perverted the cyxubeqe.dll, which could hint to DLL errors. When your cyxubeqe.dll file becomes change, it cannot be full decently and leave tell an occurrence communication.
Otherwise present, cyxubeqe.dll file errors could be direct to issues in the Windows registry. Tame DLL enter references can forbid your DLL line from registering properly, gift you a cyxubeqe.dll error. These discontinuous registry keys can be as a finish of a nonexistent DLL file, captive DLL enter, or an odd DLL enter publication in your Windows registry from an failed software commencement or uninstallation.
Writer specifically, these cyxubeqe.dll errors can be caused by:
Null or sordid cyxubeqe.dll registry message.
Virus or malware incident which has corrupt the cyxubeqe.dll file.
SEGA ENTERPRISES, Ltd. instrumentality failure, such as a bad erect cover, which has debased the cyxubeqe.dll file.
  • Another program overwrote the required type of cyxubeqe.dll.
  • Another idea maliciously or mistakenly deleted the cyxubeqe.dll file.
  • Another announcement uninstalled the cyxubeqe.dll line.

How To Fix Cyxubeqe.dll Errors

Precaution: We do not advocate downloading cyxubeqe.dll from "DLL download" sites. These sites move DLL files that are unapproved by the formal cyxubeqe.dll line developer, and can oft be bundled with virus-infected or another vindictive files. If you enjoin a duplicate of cyxubeqe.dll, it is advisable that you obtain it direct from SEGA ENTERPRISES, Ltd

                                                              Download File Here


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