Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Step How to Fix ISDone.DLL or ISArcEXtract.dll Error for any game

Step HOW TO FIX ISDone.DLL or ISArcEXtract.dll Error for any game

For WINDOWS 8 OR 8.1 Users, You can tray
go to setup properties and then compatibility mode
choose run this program in compatibility mode for windows 7
And apply

For windows 7 you can move all data.bin ( ctrl+x or cut )
on your Desktop , and than you can instal and browse file that show warning on the pop up
For next choice and open instal

See Video here

The last way you make sure sufficient hard disk space to install the game

If appropriate, they can also cause errors ISDone.dll Unarc.dll ISArcExtract, therefore it is advisable
before you install it you can see the system requirements of his game and the location where to install game to hard drive.

And if you've already installed the game, you can remove it thoroughly, especially on the temporary

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  1. Copy the game in Winter format ....then extract it again.....turn of AV and windows defender....Now can Install the game without any problem

  2. guys please help i have the same problem in battlefield 3. its showing isdone.dll.



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