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Patch 1.16.61

Tutorial and Sharing Game PC - Patch 1.16.61

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hello everyone,

just a smallish correction today. Festival next Easter Egg hunt and grow the fruit that has already been announced, and we got a few of the reforms, nothing dramatic but not limited to know to make people happy.

and the biggest of everything going on originally number. Those who have been beaten before, I know what I'm talking about. I have also addressed the issue with any high speed when sleeping in tents and Sims did not finish reading the book has also been eating

problem that can be withdrawn only one item at the time of stock to stock. - Who know that this only happens if you have a dip in the outdoor installation.

Apart from that there are a couple Mo and some of the whims of the daily task and reforms. Nothing spectacular, but I'm glad they fixed it.

big issues I'm missing is to sit down when cleaning and other issues for a long time, such as breaking the beloved theme. I hope it's also tweaked as well as the execution of (my family tree in a state of chaos and I'm very disappointed every time you look at it) and other performance issues. This is to find out though

detail as always below


Source: EA

greetings raging, 19459003 ]

How is everything?

we have a small piece of something here in this version ... I know, and read your responses to this announcement, there are some questions. So, let me see if I can give you some information.

First, let's talk about the new stuff. It's spring, and there Spring Challenge!

Yasmin holiday, we have a new challenge coordinator, is waiting for you in the oasis springs and Willow Creek parks. She said she was looking forward to your help in collecting growfruit ... turns out she needs a lot more.

brought her 20 growfruit and she will give you a new planter. Brings her growfruit perfect, she will give you the Dazzled planter. Jasmine also has a limited amount of super compost that it is willing to share with you to help you grow, which growfruit perfection.

've also added back the egg challenge last year. Now with two new eggs are added to the mix. Every 12 from all over the world gather to open a stuffed rabbit

  • for those who unlocked bunny last year - stuffed! It's still there along with the bunny New Look added to the options for color

Ok, so some of the questions that may come to mind (or did not get already asked), and I can help address here .

  • Yasmin will remain after this challenge?
    • Jasmine is just around the challenge, she coordinated the challenge we have, which is very busy.
  • Will she be back?
    • I'm glad you asked this ...

other questions that may come ...

  • What about eggs, and growfruit, they stay around?
    • we will not you have found are removed anything, but like last time, will not be scattered around the eggs to be able to find them.
    • growfruit and continues to grow on your tree, can be grown and harvested ... but with Yasmin departing, you will not be able to buy new seeds.

We also have some issues that we addressed.

general issues
  • many exhibition, which was razed will not maintain bulldozed by the "original by "when information is uploaded to the gallery.
  • extensions gallery that uses custom thumbnail will now be marked as custom content.
  • Sims and now you finish reading the book!
  • by Mo moove wall objects that have a high "preferred" (wall shelves of books, mirrors) for, they will not re-position when picking them up from the position of the new MO.
    • ok ... How many of you read as a "new Mo poo sition"?
  • Mooving room that has moo'd things within them, not incorrectly reset or anywhere in the inventory, transfer moo'd objects.
  • "Using machine Cupcake (of doom *) will count now toward the daily requirement for the preparation of food in the culinary profession (of doom *).
    • * References DOOM is to experience only improved reading, but do not exist in the game. no one has Forex Salim was last edited. AA batteries sold separately. batteries, but is not required to experience reading the text, but if you read on the old hand device felt that actually runs on AA batteries. in this case, apologized for the "old signal . "
  • ownership activity agenda, in regards to the completion of" Do you have another table, "an ambitious goal for an ambitious technical miracle, no longer fail if signed property before or after the existence of the goals.
  • "implementation of the routine in space" and now count correctly towards the "implementation of three comedy routines," an ambitious goal for a joke guise of ambition.
    • ... pigs in space ...
      • for no reason However, to date myself ...
  • and fancy "Send text happy" now complete and correctly if the reaction starts from the phone menu.
  • become friends with the brothers (who are of the age of the child) and now followed correctly against the goal, "became friends with three other children" of socialism butterfly ambition.
decline in outdoor
  • Super Ultra or ( fanatics, frantic, weird, radical, funny, ....) ... exciting speed of ridicule (also known as high-speed) should now work correctly when Sims sleep or nap in the tent.
  • pull the pile of inventory items from one to another Sim, should now drag properly stack.
    • exciting data interesting point ... knowing that the withdrawal of stock Sims is one of the countless handsome else was possible in the game The Sims 4 - less than 0.5% of the players
day Spa
  • after a small debate, yoga emerged victorious - and Mat yoga now charges as a piece of workout equipment when trying to complete a bodybuilder ambition.
    • On a side note unrelated, that the original architect would like to know the number of a good chiropractor bones.
  • must not appear if there is no fire near the "light on the stove" whim.
  • fancy "dance music on the stereo," will now complete properly if dances and handsome to music from the DJ booth.

I hope you enjoy the game and go out,


Patch 1.16.61 Tutorial and Sharing Game PC - Patch 1.16.61

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