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Step how to overcome the error crashes in F1 2015

3dmcrack - Codemasters' racing simulator is a game, F1 2015 but many gamers have complained game crashes, problematic on of SLI support, resolution errors, and FPS drops.

Although F1 2015 already released the first patch the bugs still not completely resolved.

But for some bugs or errors can be corrected with a few basic techniques such as install some software needs support like DirectX games, vcredist or other settting.

# 1 - How to Resolve Black Screen F1 2015
If you experience a black screen after you start to F1 2015, you should try to reduce the refresh rate of your display. You can also try running the game in windowed mode (aka do not fullscreen) to resolve the issue.

Langkah cara mengatsi error crash pada F1 2015

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if your first play in windowed and after that into the game setting, and then you try setting fullscreen back.

# 2 - Can not Install the Game due to Server Busy
That's not an issue specifically related to the game. Either restart Steam, or try changing your server. The speed should change after a while. usually for online players.

# 3 - How to Resolve Game Crashes to Desktop

Usually this is because you are still playing with onboard VGA while a dedicated VGA is not turned on.

Or you do not update your VGA driver to the latest version, to update it you simply download on the official website of your VGA.

# 4 - Error 41
This occurs because the use of patch 2, you try to run with administrator run.
#5 – Controller Issue
Download the latest update and verify the game files, this should solve the issue you are facing related to controller.

#6 – FPS and Performance Issue
After the recent patch, a lot of users have complained about the drop in performance and FPS. I believe that they will be fixing the issue with the future patches.

However, if you haven’t installed the patch and still facing the performance issues, you should make sure that you are using the latest version of drivers.

#7 – The Game Does not start After the Patch
Just verify your cache and restart Steam, the game should work fine again.

#8 – Flickering Issue
If you are using the latest version of GPU drivers and still experiencing flickering issues, you disable your crossfire/SLI. The game is already facing a lot of issues so for the time being, using the single card is the best option you have.

If you are facing any other issue with F1 2015 or have a fix of your own, share with us in the comments below.

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