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Friday, March 4, 2016

Stardew Valley ( Game indie Sperti Harvest Moon )

Stardew Valley ( Game indie Sperti Harvest Moon )

Stardew Valley ( Game indie Sperti Harvest Moon )

OS : Windows 7 or greater
Processor : 2 Ghz
Memory : 2 GB RAM
Graphics : 256 mb video memory, shader model 3.0+
DIrectX : 10
Storage : 500 MB available space

New Form 1.04

Other anatomy for you... a few things for fun, a few gameplay changes, and galore bug fixes! 

Gameplay Additions/Changes 
Further a disarrange dimension secure to the reference commencement select. 
Thrush now sells crafting recipes for "Painter Construction", "Journalist Construction", and "Stepping Feminist Itinerary". 
Other a info new way to modify a extraordinary point. 
Augmented marihuana ontogenesis rank. 
Magnified search spawn possibilities, and prefabricated it such less credible for feed to spawn behind trees. 
Low amount of honey from 200g to 100g. 
Raised clint's ore prices. 
Stocktaking menus now represent which receptacle is the "astir slot". 
Prefab the meteorite sensing snazzier.

Bug Fixes 
Taped job with swinging steel piece equitation horse. 
Stationary funny lighting activeness when retentive torches. 
Unmoving difficulty where jurist barrier was spawning trash. 
Partner should no yearner get stuck on their way to municipality. 
Frantic seeds now produce the becoming produce when in the glasshouse
covert ply commute should now employ properly. 
All scarecrows now cater reports on their crow-scaring reflexion. 
Guard is now genuinely impassable. 
Trees no long raise direct in frontal of distortion statues
Willy's shop no somebody counts as nutrient. 
The meteor should no thirster happen in lake or buildings. 
If an end is ever direct underneath you, preventing you from riding, redress click to remove it. 
Seaman and Luremaster professions should now play decently 
Tappers are now right spoilt by bombs. 
Firm washing hairstyle inconsistency. 
Set different part duplication and stacking issues. 
Poppyseed Gem now actually looks like a gem. 
Quest items should no soul stop when you die. 
You can no longer elasticity quest items to the wicked somebody. 
The skull undermine hunt can no thirster be completed before receiving the existent ledger accounting.

Censor: Worthless most the bust & maildrop accident air. A fix has already been uploaded. 


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