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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Step by step How to get FPS Naruto Storm 4 remained stable at 30 fps

3dmcrack - How does it feel if you play the game smoothly certainly very pleasant. Because the game was if the FPS is stable. What is the FPS?. FPS stands for frames per second so the fps is a collection of games that will appear or move during that time, so the fps is an important factor in a game. Well here we discuss the way that FPS remain at 30 fps which is quite easy to you in a way
right click on the program Naruto Strom 4, select the details that go then set and select the realtime priority.

See picture this below

Cara agar FPS Naruto Strom 4 tetap stabil di 30 fps

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Monday, May 9, 2016

How to fix the Black Screen at game Naruto Strom 4

3dmcrack -
Naruto Strom 4 is indeed a PC game that has a lot of fans, perhaps because many of the Naruto anime lovers strom 4 this is starting to play version of the game, until the game lovers a true battle. But in this game there are many Naruto strom4 some errors and bugs, as will be discussed outsmart this is Black Screen How to fix error on Naruto game Strom 4. Perhaps you have experienced in the incidence of errors like this are when playing this game suddenly occurred blackscreen when playing the game when the sound of the game is still running. To overcome the error How to fix the Black Screen at game Naruto Strom 4, namely by updating the version 1.4 crack

How to fix the Black Screen at game Naruto Strom 4

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Please download file here  download 

You extract on his game and play

If you are still having black screen check and update your VGA driver yangpaling try the latest drivers and check your VGA specifications.

Try all of them to see which is more stable in your PC. 1.4 usually fixes crashes. If you still have a crash in 1.4, it does not depend on me anymore. It depends on your PC and specifications

Friday, May 6, 2016

Step - Step Install Updates / DLC Naruto Shippuden Storm 4 - If you have already completed the game Naruto 4 CODEX version and you get a DLC update to her, you should back up the save game file from Naruto version Strom 4 Codex

Langkah - Langkah Instal Update/ DLC Naruto Shippuden Strom 4

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because the base game Naruto Codex was limited until the last DLC Gaara's Tale, the order is a bit tricky because the version to save the game changed from CODEX, 3DM, and most recently RELOADED (battery)

Update Your order her to not be overlooked, because they have a sequence of  BASE GAME CODEX --> Update versi 1.03 --> DLC Fix BAT --> Update versi 1.04

to make it easier to display hidden files in the folder option, the way of entry into the (ctrl + E) Windows Explorer,->  Organize, -> Folder and search Options, di tab View, gave a checklist Show Hidden Files, Folders, Drives

1. Backup first save your game (if you installed by default) in C:\Users\User name your computer\AppData\Roaming\Steam\CODEX\349040

2. Furthermore, if it just delete the folder 349040 from folder CODEX

3. Uninstall the game Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 and all the files are updates available

4. Install back base game Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (but not on crack)
"WARNING, DO NOT PLAY GAME LIVE, because it will restore settingan file 349040 on folder CODEX

5. Download dan Install Update NS Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 V1.03 (DO NOT Crack)

6. Download dan Install DLC.Fix.BAT, apply crack towards the directory where you installed Naruto strom 4, If a pop-up warning clicks away "REPLACE" click YES

7. The next play and get in on the game, so make the first save of the game was finished, just EXIT again.

8. Download dan Install Update NS Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 V1.04 BAT (Apply crack to the directory where you installed)

9.If you have any backups of its save game you can override and replace all C:\ProgramData\Steam\RLD!\349040 (Her save directory has changed from CODEX -> 3DM -> RELOADED)

- Update NS Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 V1.03 ( DLC Shikamaru's Tale)
- Update NS Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 V1.04 ( DLC Gaara's Tale)

Change log nya tambahan beberapa Team Moves,

The following combination of several techniques in the last DLC (Shikamaru's Tale & Gaara's Tale)

- Akatsuki Secret Technique (select three members of Akatsuki anywhere)
- Team Guy Moves (Rock Lee, Neji, Tenten)
- Team Kurenai Moves (Hinata, Kiba, Shino)
- Might Guy and Rock Lee, Burning Hot Fierce Tiger Lotus Peacock Attack (Might Guy Great Ninja War do not wear a costume)
- Itachi and Sasuke Twin Thunder Gods
- Boruto & Sarada Team Moves
- Team Moves Boruto & Naruto (Naruto must wear costumes Hokage)
- Naruto and Sasuke Team Moves (his second to be characters from The Last)
- Asuma and Shikamaru Team Moves
- ALL Hokage Moves Secret Technique (choose 3 of 6 Hokage, but it should not sequential like Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen Sarutobi, because it already has its own moves Hidden)
- Hyuga secret moves (Hinata Hyuga, Neji Hyuga, Hyuga Hanabi)
- Naruto and Sasuke New Combination secret technique
- Kakashi and Obito New combination secret tecnhique
- All Jinchūriki moves secret tecnhique (select 3 of 9 jinchuriki existing)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How to Play Online Naruto Strom 4 with Tunggle

3dmcrack - Okay have long game Naruto Storm 4 release and has appeared update 2 that have been reduced bugs earlier in the current game has just release. Well for those of you who feel bored when've played offline Naruto 4 strom you can try it with How to Play Online Naruto Strom 4 with Tunggle. That will certainly add to the fun with this game we can fight with the ability of other gamers.

How to Play Online Naruto Strom 4 with Tunggle

Okay we just follow the steps How to Play Online Naruto Tunggle Strom 4 with the following:
1. Next Install Naruto Storm 4 (don't you crack it first, if it had been cracked so removed with a clean first), then you update 2 in order to avoid many bugs

2. After you install and sign up Tunngle, if you already have please skip

3. Next, you extract SmartSteamEmu in the next game folder you open the file SSELauncher.exe (Run as Admin by right-clicking on the file)

4. Click File> Add Game> go where you installed naruto strom 4 and continued with NSUNS4.exe then select Open

5. Next Game Settings will open, in Game App ID column filled with the number 349 040

6. Underneath make sure the Status of steam_api.dll already Verified / Original, if not please you replace with original steam_api64.dll with links that exist above the previous

7. In the DLC Manager tab make sure Subsrcibe to all DLCs by default already checked (by default already checked)

8. In Emulator Settings tab, you change the column into PersonaName Steam ID, and then in the Name field Tunngle you to enter your ID, change also Game Language into English (if other languages will have blank screen), then Save

9. Log in applications Tunngle then search and join Network Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

10. Run the game Naruto strom 4 via SSELauncher (do not forget once again you run as Admin, by right-clicking on the file)

11. Now you can create or join a session in Online Battle, and you add a friend - your friend in advance in the application Tunngle (to see friends who are online you can press SHIFT + TAB and then click Friends)

* Tested on Windows 7 64bit thanks to ryanclay7 How to Play Online Naruto Strom 4 with Tunggle

Frequently required to reverse the save game Naruto Strom 4
1. Open your save location-an old, usually in:
C: \ Users \ (NamaEnte) \ AppData \ Roaming \ Steam \ CODEX \ 349 040 \ remote
X: \ (your place Install Naruto strom 4) \ 3DMGAME \ (Your Name) \ 349 040 \ remote
2. Copy and paste STORM4.s in C: \ Users \ (Your Name) \ AppData \ Roaming \ SmartSteamEmu \ 349 040 \ remote
3. Finished, congratulations to play

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