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Injustice: Gods among us review

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Injustice: Gods among us is the video game based in the world of superheroes of DC Comics and supervillains fighting. You may have heard no less than Superman or Batman, but this game features some of the characters is well-known to people who are not lovers of the capital of the universe, such as Shazam and Ares. There are 30 characters in total in the base game, and there are 6 DLC characters including Lobo, Batgirl, Scorpio, provided, Martian Manhunter, and Zatanna.


without spoiling the story, which is hard to do in this situation, you can imagine what would happen if Superman semi-immortal and all-powerful decided that the time has come to stop saving , the ruler and the people begin? If you have read DC Comics before, this assumption may not be new to you, but this is the case in injustice.

are transported superheroes (The Joker) on alternate dimension where most superheroes working under the ruling of Superman, except a few, and it's up to superheroes from the original universe to stop Superman and find the way back

and the story one of the biggest points, especially because each character and an end to their own in the game. It's one of the best storylines of the games that I have played, despite being a fighting game that should (and does) concentrate on the game.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Gameplay injustice this game is very similar to other fighting games, such as Mortal Kombat. Mechanics features such as groups, where the press some buttons in rapid succession to perform stronger than basic and medium light and hits a heavy step. You can also prevent or avoid moves, and even face to turn the tide on your opponent. You can also use the advanced steps, where you can use some of your own meters up to the power of groups.

You can, of course, make a special move only uses a special meter. Each character has a special move unique, and can cause devastating damage and turn the tide of battle easily (and you get hit with the Joker Batmobile).

is like a amateur fighting games, I have found that it is fairly easy. I had to try some battles, but only once. Once you get a couple of hits on the opponent, it is difficult for them to recover and respond.

You can fight against one of 30 characters, or 36 with the DLC, and you can fight the same amount. This does not make things like Harley Quinn against Superman bit silly, as we see Harley could never beat Superman, but you have to look past that with any game or movie involving Superman.


came Injustice: Gods Among Us Graphics game in 2013, so it no longer has much of an excuse for poor graphics, being released relatively recently. After playing a game on maximum settings on your computer (although there is no much room for graphics options), and I have not seen any stunning graphics. It seems a little clunky, and not something that would be called out as a selling point for me.

character and background models decent phase, to be fair. You could look in any of the models and know exactly who it was, but the models and backgrounds on what seems to be a relatively low resolution.

This does not mean it's bad, but I certainly do not point out to be one of the highlights of the game.


figures in a good game all crossed, but I think that the voice of the most prominent is Stephen Amell who are lovers of the stock you may note, is the actor Oliver Queen in the TV series. Sound effects key to the game is pretty decent.

voice being hit by a fist sounds as it should, and a voice from being stabbed by Trident seems as it should, assuming you know what that looks like.

and a song for the game are identical too, it seems very intense, which is, of course, such as the war, what is the game.


Generally, I think the game very enjoyable. As someone who is not used to fighting games, but still a fan of the capital, was the injustice of the perfect game to introduce me to this genre.

The main points of this game is the gameplay mechanics and story, but the graphics and sound nothing spectacular. If you're a fan of fighting games and a fan of DC Comics, there is not a game I would recommend more than this one.

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PC Game Name: Injustice: Gods among us

degrees (very good) : 4
Review written by Alex .

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