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How to fix the slaughter errors, crashes, FPS issues, server issues

Sharing Game PC Tutorial - How to fix the slaughter errors, crashes, FPS issues, server issues

The Culling Errors

execution is now available on steam, in [19459012copy"Alousolalambkr"YoucanplaythegameandgetinvolvedwiththedevelopmentbecauseithasnotyetbeencompletedanditmayormaynotchangeinthefutureYoucanseebelowwhatthedevelopersabouttheversionreachearlyinthegame

Why engage in early?

"So far, Battle Royale merely adds to the modes found in the various games of survival open world. We build culled from the ground up as the first entry of a stand-alone in this kind Battle Royale. Our goal is not only to execution to be a leader type, but also to grow into electronic sports popularity.

about how long this will be the game in the early access?

"We expect the execution to remain at about the early arrival of one year, with the full release comes at a time what in 2017. "


because the game in this version, comes with a lot of errors and problems. the most common errors slaughter that the players reported crash , issues FPS: low FPS or FPS drops and issues of server, such as problems connecting or cutting problems

below you can find these errors in detail. at the end of this post you can find a tutorial on how to fix it. you can skip directly to the tutorial if you know for sure what the problem facing, if not read below to be sure.

1) execution crash , and reported a lot of players, faced random crashes during the match or at startup. To fix this problem, follow the tutorial at the end of this post.

"I've been playing this game since this morning with no issues. However, I go back to my computer this afternoon, and it was steamed crashed. I am prepared steam and try to hit play to start the slaughter. But steam only crashes. any game. only crashing. anyone else experience this and have any ideas? "

" I see people play the game and great, so I bought this game to have the same experience. Unfortunately the game kept crashing one minute after the download, please. not to ignore this subject I'm just looking for ideas on how to solve this problem. "

2) How to skip the introductions video , to skip the video introductions follow the quick fix down

"I am unable to skip introductions video, anyone can please help?"


  1. Go to C: Program Files (x86) and Steam SteamApps common TheCulling victory content movies
  2. rename "LoadingScreen. MP4 for" file to something else, for example "LoadingScreen.mp4.bak

3) and FPS slaughter issues , one of the most common in the game error is reduced FPS and also FPS drops. some players grow continuously only 15-20 FPS when you play the game. If you have this issue skip the tutorial at the end of this post to fix it or follow the solution below.

"a great game really loved it, and loves you, and their functions, especially in the atmosphere have but, I'm stuck at 15 FPS .. I do not you have an awesome setup, but I can play ship at 45 FPS. I know it's a new game, but can someone give me some tips on improving fps until they optimized it a bit? "

" anyone who gets some FPS well promote other methods of graphics configuration file change "


  1. Go to C: users username APPDATA local victory saved config WindowsNoEditor GameUserSettings.cfg
  2. make the following changes
    • set the following parameters to 0 as described below
      • sg.AntiAliasingQuality = 0
      • sg.ShadowQuality = 0
      • sg.PostProcessQuality = 0

If you do this solution helps you to skip to the tutorial below to fix the problem.

4) and issues slaughter server , and get cut some users or they are unable to connect to the game servers. tutorial below will fix this problem for you.

"I just bought the game and after a few minutes, and get a cut. Anyone else haveing ​​the same problem? My download rate of 20MB / w This is not a problem "

how to fix errors slaughter lessons:

We have a team of developers managed to release the patch that will help you fix the errors mentioned above. We will have the patch does not interfere with a Steam account, it will just change some files and. dll in the game folder for errors to be fixed.

below you can see a picture of how it looks correction want tutorial on how to use them. please follow all the steps in the tutorial to apply the patch correctly your game, before you ask questions about your issues.

The Culling Errors Patch

how to use the patch:

  1. download the patch from here: download
  2. extracting archive to your desktop and open the debug
  3. your GPU will be automatically selected by the correction we have
  4. select the folder where you installed the game, if you use the default steam folder game: " C: program files (x86) and steam Steamapps common "
  5. now you can define your own issues from the box on the right of
  6. Click on the" Fix "and wait a few minutes until the patch fixes the problem
  7. the final step, click launch a game, game will begin and will be determined by your issues. Have fun playing the game

How to download: Well you might think that the service that we use to download is very annoying but it is very effective. To download everything you need to complete a simple presentation, it usually takes a few minutes, and then, you will be able to download the patch. We use this service because this is the only way to support our developers and maintenance release and update patches for games. Thank you! We hope you understand us and have fun playing and slaughter!

hope that our tutorial helped you solve your mistakes slaughter and now you're playing and enjoying the game. If you experience any problems or if you have questions, please use the comment section below, and we will help you solve the game. - GamesErrors team

How to fix the slaughter errors, crashes, FPS issues, server issues Sharing Game PC Tutorial - How to fix the slaughter errors, crashes, FPS issues, server issues

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