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Can not find the suspect was arrested in a police station

Tutorial and Sharing Game PC - Can not find the suspect was arrested in a police station


After the arrest of Sims and return to the police station, the suspect is

  • anywhere to be found
  • new chief of police

I can not be issued another APB or cancel the event


  • for some reason does not make him suspect to many police.
  • and I think that the game is looking to fill the role exactly at the point you back to the police station and chooses the suspect a great candidate. Because of this, the suspect police chief or any other role in the police station becomes.


today completed before any other task done or terminate the shift early and go home. It should be suspect a lot the next day. If not follow the solution below.

with the following solution, you should be able to close the case and move forward. You can not save the suspected defect (only copy of the library).

You also need to know the identity of the suspect and be able to meet him. It is very likely that it is now a police officer himself, more than once, the police chief.

Now you need to find out whether the suspect was a random Sim or one that is live somewhere, or that even I like a lot. If you do like it, I suggest, you can save it to the library.

  1. save the game under a new name so that you have a backup
  2. see if the suspect is already living in a house or not. Changing home director and check all the family. If the suspect is part of the family, you can skip steps 3-6.
  3. play to work until your shift is over. Only achieve other things. Also make sure you befriend police chief
  4. once in the home, call handsome for more than your home
  5. Open the fraud and the type of control: testingcheats on
  6. shift-click and choose Sim in addition to the family
  7. going to run the world and start a home manager.
  8. division handsome wrong from the family to the new one and then delete this new family
  9. [19459007backtoalotofyourhomeandplayuntilyouneedtogotoworkagain
  10. your Sim Date at work
  11. option of version APB should be now and again, but you did not do as you go just to look for the same handsome again no longer exists in the game
  12. Make sure of cheating the tests are still active. If not, re-energized and then pressing Shift on the Siem key
  13. choose: Detective day Event - DEBUG: get a new case occurred [19459012(thiswillgiveyouanewissue)
  14. shift-click on Sim again and choose: Detective day Event - correction: the arrest of the suspect happened (this will give you a couple of new evidence the suspect again) for
  15. add new keys to the Council and to do whatever you normally do to get new evidence. If necessary, and to travel to the crime scene again. And old to stay in your laptop. Ignored. Only a new count. Keep continue to get evidence until you have at least 3 or 4 new evidence
  16. version APB else and go find your suspect new
  17. was arrested and I hope that handsome does not become with the role again.
  18. after the closure of the case file, the computer must be empty mobile again.
Can not find the suspect was arrested in a police station Tutorial and Sharing Game PC - Can not find the suspect was arrested in a police station

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